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Many people experience learning difficulties of one form or another. Often, in the case of children they go unnoticed by the education system.


We see children who are bright and appear to be able but are not learning to read and write at the same pace as their peers.  Often both schools and parents are putting hours into these students but they still can’t “hear” the sounds, or sound out the words.  The work I do assists the brain to process these sounds, enabling the child to move forward. 


I offer complementary and alternative strategies that have been proven to help overcome these issues.


Often spelling and reading difficulties are a direct result of hearing issues which can be assessed and addressed.



What I do:

Introductory assessment 

This might be all you need! 

Someone to talk to with Education experience to provide some suggestions for areas of focus of your child.  

Sound Therapy 

I can assess and set up a programme for your child.



I am able to provide assistance with learning in all areas of Primary and Intermediate Education. 

One of the tools I use is the Feuerstein Programme

Holiday tutoring

I work over the holidays so that students are able to return to school ready to learn. 

Every teacher will tell you that there is a lot of learning lost over the holiday period. 

Reading levels slip and basic facts become slow and inaccurate. 

By starting back before school starts children feel confident and more able to manage the big changes in the term ahead.  

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