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"My 9 years old son, who is a lively and bright boy, was struggling with learning since he started school. As private tutoring only made him more miserable and ate up most of his spare time, I started looking for alternative ways to help him and came across “Sound Theraphy” on the Internet. The phrase ‘auditory processing’ rang a bell instantly, as my son had suffered from a series of bad ear infections as a toddler.

Since starting the Johansen Sound Therapy about a year ago things seem to fall in place for my son. He caught up in math, where he was a school year behind, his reading improved so much, that he actually enjoys reading now, which seems a miracle, and his writing/ spelling even though in need of more work is definitely on its way.

Costs of the therapy are more than reasonable. Compared to what we have spent for private tutoring before it even turns out to be a money saver for us. I am so grateful to Amanda, who is a warm and kind person and passionate about helping. Thanks for all the tips and advice you have given us along the way!"

"As a parent of a very complex child with a completely unique learning style, it is such a relief to finally have found someone who is able to optimise my son’s’ ability to learn. His class room time is no longer spent just day dreaming. He is now able to engage and produce work to a level which is on par with his peers and reflects his intelligence. 

The Feurerstein program has been instrumental in his leap forward with academic progress. This, coupled with Amanda’s easy going and engaging tutoring style has been the key to Sage’s success. As we walked down the drive way to his hour long session the other day he said “I love Amanda, she has really helped me with my learning”. Upon collection he said “Wow, has that been an hour? Time flies!”
I can’t recommend Amanda highly enough. I have spent many dollars, hours and lots of energy towards my son’s’ learning difficulties, his time spent with Amanda has, by far, been the best value for money. I just wish we had found her earlier."

Kate - Mother of Sage (11yrs old)

"Tutoring with Amanda is amazing she does fun activities and I understand everything."  

Student aged 12 

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