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Sound Therapy

There are different types of sound therapy, the system I use is Johansen Sound therapy.  

This system has a number of advantages, it is focused on the individual’s needs and the training is completed at home. 

It only takes 10 minutes a day and for most people is a positive relaxing time that makes a difference to many aspects of the listeners life, both academic and social.  
Johansen Sound therapy was developed in Denmark by Dr. Kjeld Johansen, director of the Baltic Dyslexic Research Laboratory, based on the ground breaking work completed by Christian A. Volf.  

This programme assists the brain to develop direct connections from the right ear to the left hemisphere of the brain. 

This enables faster and more efficient processing of language.   As sound structure becomes clearer often the user finds that there is an improvement in literacy skills such as reading and writing.  

Johansen Sound Therapy is an effective tool for any age group. 

Language difficulties, both speech and written can be helped. 

Children who find reading and spelling a problem often find they can identify sounds more clearly following the Johansen Sound Therapy .  

Combining these improved skills with good teaching positive progress can be made in areas that were previously a struggle for the learner.

Who can benefit from Johansen Sound Therapy?


  1. People struggling to pronounce sounds correctly

  2. Those who find writing difficult – dyslexic type behaviours

  3. People who have difficulty reading or spelling

  4. Those that don’t hear sounds when listening to or trying to sound out words

  5. People with Autism Spectrum Disorders

  6. Hypersensitivity to  loud or particular sounds

  7. People who find it difficult to focus on one conversation or speaker in a room

  8. Understanding and remembering information and instructions is problematic

  9. Often these issues result in low self-esteem and in some children inappropriate behaviour in the classroom. 

  10.  If social situations are difficult, picking up on the small hints, jokes etc


If you think some of these apply to you or your child then please contact me and we can explore the use of this programme further.   
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