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This has been an amazing discovery for me as a teacher.  Teachers work so hard to ensure children learn and there are always a few who try their best but just can’t get it! 


This is where Feuerstein is a brilliant tool.  It is designed to enhance an individuals learning and can be applied to a number of subject areas and a range of behaviours. 


I use the IE Standard programme for older children.  It can be used one-on-one or with a group of children.  It involves providing a range of increasingly complex tasks and working closely with the children to analyze a problem and to solve it systematically. 

The programme allows for the focus to be directed on verbal, mathematical, logical and even emotional skills, all depending on the need of the learner. 


My role in this programme is to guide the students to develop strategies for problem solving and encourage them to transfer this knowledge to the rest of their lives. 



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