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Introductory appointment   $50

This is a 45 minutes to an hour where we can talk about your child’s needs, learning and developmental history. 

There are lots of great people working in education and sometimes they can be difficult to find, a little advice can save you a lot of time, money and get things back on track more quickly. 

If we decide that Sound Therapy will help your child then we will book a time for an assessment. 


Assessment appointment $180 
This is an appointment that will last approximately an hour. 

Using a mini scanner machine I will test how your child responds to sounds and if Sound Therapy will be of assistance.  Once this data is collected you will be sent a written report with a picture of how your child hears.  


CD Purchase $120
This will pay for the CD that is made specifically for your child at that time. 

As the hearing changes this CD is then exchanged for the updated one at the next follow up appointment.  
You will use this CD for 6-8 weeks in most cases.  


Follow up assessment $100
Follow up assessment these are short review assessments where only part of the testing is repeated.  Each session will take about half an hour.


Tutoring is $60.00 an hour.  I am available after school and before school some days.  Also a number of schools are happy for me to work on site.  If this is the case there is a small charge for petrol. 


All prices quoted include GST.

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